The Killer Movie Review

The Killer top Review

Ratings: Review By Leslie Felperin : Site:The hollywood reporter

“Michael Fassbender Is an Unsettled Assassin in David Fincher’s Wry, Pleasingly Pulpy Thriller”

At least no one will get to the end of director David Fincher‘s latest, The Killer, and feel in any way misled by the title. Or the film’s droll, on-the-nose tagline for that matter: “Execution is everything,” arguably the most Fincherian tagline ever, as a colleague pointed out…..

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Ratings: Review By James Mottram: Site: Radio Times

“Fassbender makes triumphant return to acting”

It’s a dog eat dog world…kill or be killed.” So says the lone wolf assassin at the dark heart of David Fincher’s new film the killer, a grisly but highly satisfying tale of survival in the elite world of contract killing. Adapted from the French graphic novel series by Alexis ‘Matz’ Nolent, it also sees the return of Michael Fassbender in the lead. Absent from movies for over four years, last seen as Magneto in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, it’s a glorious return to action for the actor…

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Ratings: Review By Caspar Salmon : Site:The Daily Beast

“David Fincher’s new film, The Killer, premiered Sunday at the Venice Film Festival. It focuses on a contract killer taking revenge on his employer and colleagues, and is not cut entirely from the same cloth as these works, but there is an oddly hilarious preoccupation with objects, their meaning and their uses. In a fully globalized world, the main character jets around the place, sharing Zen musings about success and how to get ahead, while killing people and eating only the protein from a Big Mac.”

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Ratings: Review By Peter Bradshaw : Site:The Gaurdian

“terrific David Fincher thriller about a philosophising hitman Michael Fassbender is perfect in the main role of a yoga-loving assassin who discourses on everything from morality to the Smiths….”

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Ratings: Review By Peter Bradshaw : Site:The Gaurdian

“The title assassin in David Fincher’s The Killer, which premiered here at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday, is a modern sort of death machine. He uses Amazon, has a complicated relationship with Airbnb; he’s seen the show Storage Wars. He even takes advantage of contemporary industry collapse: when we first see him on a job, he’s staked out in an abandoned WeWork space. It’s all a joke, at least in the arch, dismayingly airless confines of Fincher’s film…..”

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