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Ratings: Review By jordan mintzer: Site:The hollywood reporter

“An Enchantingly Enigmatic Postmodern Heist Saga From Argentina

Writer-director Rodrigo Moreno’s three-hour feature follows two men involved in a bank robbery and the many tales that unfold from their crime…”

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Ratings: Review By peter bradshaw : Site:The The Guardian

“deeply strange, utterly distinctive, beguiling and fantastical story . This could be a cult classic

If Pedro Almodóvar and Eric Rohmer teamed up to compose a meanderingly long crime caper it might look like this…” 

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Ratings: Review By Jessica Kiang: Site:Variety

“A Deliciously Bizarre Existential Heist Movie That Wants You To Steal Back Your Life

Rodrigo Moreno’s ticklish saga follows the loose-limbed, gently surreal journeys of two colleagues who collude in robbing the bank where they work…”

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Ratings: Review By Carlos Aguilar:Site:The Playlist

“The Delinquents’ Is A Genius Argentine Tragicomedy On The Elusive Nature Of Freedom 

Within the first few minutes of “The Delinquents,” Del Toro (Germán De Silva), the manager of a Buenos Aires bank, longs for the days when people were allowed to smoke anywhere: on airplanes, at restaurants, etc…”

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Ratings: Review By Wendy Ide:Site Screendaily

“Like its protagonists, Rodrigo Moreno’s crime thriller takes risks – which pay off

The lives of two employees in a drab, stifling Buenos Aires bank are intertwined – and upended – when one of them, Moran (Daniel Elias), steals several hundred thousand dollars from the vault and persuades the other…”

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