Rotting in the Sun (2023 film):Review, Cast, Trailer, date,Production about movie

Rotting in the Sun

Movie – Rotting in the Sun

Directed by Sebastián Silva
Written by
Sebastián Silva
Pedro Peirano
Produced by Jacob Wasserman


Jordan Firstman
Sebastián Silva
Catalina Saavedra

Cinematography Gabriel Diaz Alliende
Edited by
Gabriel Diaz Alliende
Sofia Subercaseaux
Santiago Cendejas
Music by Nascuy Linares

Release dates
January 22, 2023 (Sundance)
September 8, 2023 (United States)

Country United States


Rotting in the Sun Review-;

Ratings:— 7/10  Site: IMDb

This film seems to examine the contrasts within the gay community between hedonistic abandon and self-hate. It shows these elements living simultaneously and seems to unite what would seem to be incompatible opposites.

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