Pain Hustlers Reviews

Pain Hustlers Top 5 Reviews

Ratings: Review Lovia Gyarkye : Site:The hollywood reporter

“David Yates’ entertaining crime drama about Big Pharma’s shadowy sales practices —  opens with a character differentiating his company’s misdeeds from a familiar pharmaceutical titan….”

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Ratings: Review Robert Daniels :

“It would be significantly easier to write about “Pain Hustlers” if it bordered some extreme of either great or terrible, good or disappointing. Instead, director David yates star-powered opioid exposé is simply a boring chronicling of Liza Drake a determined single mother whose marketing tactics sparked an epidemic…..”

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Ratings: Review ByJessica Kiang: Site:Variety

“Early in his career, comedian Kumail Nanjiani did a bit about a new drug called “cheese,” which, if you break down the ingredients, turns out to be Tylenol PM mixed with heroin. “So really, it’s heroin,” he joked. “Heroin’s doing the heavy lifting…..”

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Ratings: Review Kristen Lopez : Site:The Wrap

“At a little over two hours the film takes time to find its footing, situating Liza in her new job and putting her on the hunt to “get a script,” aka a doctor to start prescribing her company’s medication….”

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Ratings: Review Ankit Jhunjhunwala : Site:The Playlist

“The whiff of play-acting hangs over the entire enterprise as even director David Yates seems entirely unsuited to the material, and the whole project seems misconceived and half-baked from top to bottom….” 

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