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Ratings: Review Stephen Farber: Site:The hollywood reporter

“The film has already stirred a measure of controversy, with some other athletes and sports commentators critical of some of the exaggerations that Nyad had trumpeted during the course of her long career. But it is to the credit of the filmmakers that even though they want to celebrate Nyad’s achievements, they do not shy away from dramatizing her selfishness and combative personality……”

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Ratings: Review ByJessica Kiang: Site:Variety

“The loftier and more dangerous the goal, the finer the line that separates the Guinness Book of World Records from the Darwin Awards. At a certain point, surviving is the only real difference. Do-or-die marathon swimmer Diana nyad dreamed of swimming from Cuba to Florida…..”

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Ratings: Review By Carlos Aguilar:Site:The Playlist

“The movie essentially begins as Nyad celebrates her 60th birthday. Stoll, and no, she’s not Diane’s girlfriend (they tried dating at one point but didn’t click), throws a surprise party where we witness Nyad’s awkward attempt to connect with another woman who might just have a mild crush on her (she fails miserably). The milestone of hitting 60 gnaws at Nyad, though, and spurs her to jump back into a pool for the first time in decades…..”

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Ratings: Review By Maureen Lee Lenker:Site:Entertainment Weekly

“The film focuses on the older Nyad (Bening), who, at 60, decides to attempt the swim once more. She recruits her best friend Bonnie (Foster) to train her, and together…..”

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Ratings: Review By Marya E. Gates :Site:: rogerebert.com

The biopic “Nyad” also shows the visceral extremes of what it takes to push your body to its limit to achieve greatness.

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